Republic Act 10618 Rural Farm Schools Act) provides the State shall provide the provision of access to a broad range of education opportunities to the children and promote agricultural productivity and rural development by empowering human capital through access to avenues suited to the needs and realities of rural agricultural communities” (Sec. 2, R.A. 10618).

With the plan that each schools division will establish at least one farm school, students who cannot go to college and those who are at risk of dropping because of poverty will be provided with opportunities to earn and to have better living conditions.

Agricultural production has been cited as a major means of survival especially in the countryside during Covid 19 pandemic. As great number of job opportunities close, people realize how important agriculture is for survival. Thus, the regional establishment of farm schools is of paramount importance in line with the realization of its Mantra of producing champions in all the 20 Schools Divisions of the region.